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Data from Boozer & Rouse Journal of Urban Economics

C. Rouse
Dataset for 1994 Ashenfelter/Krueger Twins Paper

Description of files:


This is an ASCII file that contains a public use file with selected variables from the 1990 twins data Ashenfelter and Krueger used. The variables are separated by columns. The input statement in PUBLIC.SAS lists the proper order of the variables; this can easily be adapted if you want to use a program other than SAS.


This is a mainframe SAS program that reads in the data from TWINS90.DAT. This program labels the variables. It also runs regressions from selected Tables in Ashenfelter and Krueger (1993).


This contains the SAS listing file of PUBLIC SAS.


This is a SAS program that created the data in TWINS90.DAT.

A.B. Krueger; O. Ashenfelter
Ashenfelter and Rouse QJE Paper 1998 C. Rouse; O. Ashenfelter

Economic Returns to Community College

C. Rouse

Milwaukee Parental Choice Program Evaluation

C. Rouse

Ashenfelter and Rouse Twinsburg Data

C. Rouse